International open day 2018
Vrijdag, 17 Augustus 2018, 10:00 - 17:00

Program & invitation international open day Proeftuin Randwijk

Friday 17th of AUGUST 2018, start 10.00AM (open from 9.30 H)

Friday August 17th, Proeftuin Randwijk is organising her second international open day. This day is meant for professional topfruit growers and companies within the fruit supply chain. During the program a number of trials and demonstrations will be shown and discussed. At this day there will also be an exhibition with nurseries, machinery companies and other supplying companies.


10.00-10.30h Welcome and start of the exhibition.
10.30-10.45h Opening / Instructions for the day
10.45-12.00h Technical demo’s
12.00-13.00h Lunch and visit to the exhibition
13.00-14.30h Guided tours
14.30-15.00h Break and visit to the exhibition
15.00-16.00h Guided tours
16.00-16.30h Business networking on the exhibition
16.30 End of the open day

The group will be split up in two or more groups. There are guided tours, in English and German.


Morning PROGRAM Technical Demo’s 10.45-12.00h

• Pluk-o-trac
• Drone – precision root pruning
• Fruit 4.0 flower and fruit counter
• Preharvest defoliation machine
• Spraying machines


Afternoon PROGRAM 13.00-16.00h

• Guided tour on the Proeftuin Randwijk orchard
• Organic apple culture in Holland
• Magic Star/ SQ159 - growth, rootstocks, crop load etc.
• Break and visit to the exhibition
• Chemical thinning apples with ATS, BA and Brevis
• Elstar strains & tree management


Entrance & location:
Entrance fee: € 50,- per person. This includes all snacks and drinks. Entrance is free for all farmers that are ‘supporter of Proeftuin Randwijk’ One can become supporter of Proeftuin Randwijk. Supportership costs €175,- per topfruit farm. Supporters do have access to all results of Proeftuin Randwijk.
Location Proeftuin Randwijk: Lingewal 1, 6668LA, Randwijk, The Netherlands


Click here to download the invitation


Rabobank main sponsor open day:
This open day will be sponsored by the Rabobank.
Rabobank is also present on the exhibition

Locatie Proeftuin Randwijk